Risk Based – Sourcing Solutions

Your Challenges
Think of the following: your CEO gets a tweet from President Trump calling out your company for being Un-American for offshoring jobs?  Don’t think this can happen?  Think again!  Also, are you willing to risk it?

As well:  “The biggest idea (globalization/offshoring) of the past three decades is in deep trouble,” says the Economist

President Trump advocates critical infrastructure spending to build/upgrade the electric grid, roads, and airports.  The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) rates the infrastructure D+.  Domestic investment will be $1 up to $4 trillion.   Most of the infrastructure will be sourced domestically.

Your Solution
The solution is all about risk management.  So, consider working with Quality + Engineering (Q+E) to risk manage your suppliers and find domestic sources that are reliable, quality focused, and value driven.   President Trump, globalization, and infrastructure re-build are disrupting the US sourcing model of offshoring products, services, and work.  So, be ready for that tweet!!!

Quality + Engineering will work with your firm using its CERM: Risk Based, Problem Solving and Risk Based, Decision Making® model to find US sources for your products and services.

Q+E will help you in the following US sourcing services:

+  US Office of Management & Budget A 123 and A 11 Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Risk Assurance (RA).
+  Risk based, supplier selection.
+  Supplier risk auditing/assurance (forensic, process, and product).
+  Supplier improvement using risk technologies.
+  Supply chain risk management.
+  Supplier risk monitoring and improvement.

To discuss your needs, contact me – Greg Hutchins PE CERM – Principal Engineer at Quality + Engineering at GregH@QualityPlusEngineering.com or simply call 800.COMPETE (800.266.7383).  It’s your call.

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Sample Q+E ERM products are shown below: